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Power WheelBarrow In The USA

Brutus10 Cubic feet - 750 lbs

Motorized Wheelbarrows Let You Cart Heavy Loads With Ease.
The strength and power of our Motorized Wheelbarrow Range, whether you call them micro, mini, or compact; whether you use them as haulers, dumpers, garden carts, wagons, or concrete buggy, is what will impress you.

Power is Profit


Highly Productive Power Wheelbarrow
The world of motorized wheelbarrows and compact concrete buggies has new meaning thanks to the amazing new Power Barrows. Moving all kinds of materials almost effortlessly over most terrains, these motorised wonders are proving to be a most cost effective addition to the equipment inventories of rental companies, landscape gardeners, building and construction companies, farmers and equestrian concerns. In fact any situation that requires moving loads of materials from one place to another.

Four Wheel Drive


Strong and Durable Cart
Power Barrow power wheelbarrows climb over obstacles and up steep inclines carrying up to 850 lbs. twice as fast as a tracked machine at a fraction of the cost. They are exceptionally stable yet the center of gravity allows for effortless load dumping without the added expense of a powered dump mechanism. Steers as easily loaded as empty due to their intuitive controls, with four forward and one reverse speed allowing you to work quickly and efficiently.

Honda GXV 160 Engine
Peerless Transmission

Easy To Maintain Power Wagon
Our Power Wheelbarrow, with a dependable Honda gas power engine and a straightforward access design, the Power Barrow is effortless to care for. A powder coated finish protects the wheel barrow from the elements. Replacement items come from our own factory, right here in the United States.